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MasSpec Pen System™

Placing the speed, accuracy, and precision of mass spectrometry  in the hands of healthcare providers.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Like much of modern medicine, molecular diagnostics still rely on archaic systems to pinpoint and sufficiently remove suspicious tissue. 

It’s a difficult crossroad for providers, patients, and hospitals. Removing too much tissue could impair quality of life, but overlooking even the smallest cluster of cells could mean tumor recurrence and costly adjuvant treatments. 

With the MasSpec Pen System™, the best decision is clear.

The Conventional Way

Tissue is biopsied, sent to the laboratory, frozen, sliced, stained, and examined by a pathologist under a microscope. This process takes 40 minutes, on average. During this wait time, the patient remains under anesthesia, putting them at greater risk of infection and costing both the patient and hospital money.

The MS Pen Way

With the MasSpec Pen System™, a user simply applies three seconds of gentle pressure with the pen-like device. In under 10 seconds, the provider receives a reading of either “cancerous” or “normal” — all without a lab or unnecessary risk for the patient, provider, or hospital.

Three Innovations in One

A complex combination of three technologies powers this simple, scalable diagnostics platform.

See it in real time

MasSpec Pen Device

User-friendly, disposable, and biocompatible, the simple device connects medical professionals to sophisticated tech previously reserved for experts. 

The non-invasive pen-like device enables painless tissue analysis, both in vivo and ex vivo.



  1. A small water droplet is delivered to the pen tip.
  2. Through three seconds of gentle contact with tissue, the device extracts diagnostic metabolites, lipids, and proteins into the droplet.
  3. The sample-packed droplet is suctioned to the mass spectrometer.

Medical Mass Spectrometer

Designed by MS Pen Technologies, the transportable, battery-operated machine can be moved wherever it is most needed — whether that be a patient room or inches from the operating table.

  1. Probes from the disposable MasSpec pen are directly connected to the mass spectrometer’s console.
  2. The mass spectrometer analyzes the droplet to produce a characteristic molecular fingerprint of the sample.

AI-Powered Software

Advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence convert complex metabolic data into simple, actionable information. 

  1. Predictive statistical models built from molecular data identify normal and cancerous tissues.
  2. In 10 seconds or less, the software delivers easy-to-read diagnostic results in real time.

Because the process is quick and non-invasive, it can be repeated as many times as necessary if suspicious tissue is still present. 

In fact, in the time it took to read about how it works, the MasSpec Pen System™ could have collected and characterized tissue at least once.

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