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For over a century, cancer tissue analysis has relied on decades-old workflows. Healthcare has evolved. Our decision-making tools should too. With MS Pen, a closer look is right at your fingertips.

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MasSpec Pen System™

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Combining the power of our disruptive MasSpec Pen device, state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, and artificial intelligence, MS Pens’s diagnostic platform puts real-time decision-making in the hands of surgeons, oncologists, and healthcare providers. No lab needed.

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Accessible Expertise

Our one-of-a-kind diagnostic platform brings mass spectrometry to medicine like never before. The MasSpec Pen directly connects to medical mass spectrometers, giving tried-and-true molecular diagnostics an innovative edge.

Certainty in 10 Seconds

The average wait time for traditional histopathology results is 40 minutes or more. With the MasSpec Pen System™, medical professionals can characterize tissues in just 10 seconds — without leaving the OR or removing tissue from the patient.

Accuracy in Action

Fast, precise, and highly accurate, the MasSpec Pen System™ enables precise identification of tissue, both in vivo and ex vivo. The more cancer removed, the less likely tumors recur and the less likely a patient will require adjuvant treatments.

Less Risk, More Recovery

By removing the need for repeated invasive pathology results, the MasSpec Pen System™ dramatically cuts procedure times, decreasing prolonged anesthesia use, risk of infection, and financial burden for both patients and hospital systems.  

Completely Non-Invasive

Using only a small volume of water and three seconds of gentle contact, the MasSpec Pen System™ eliminates the need for destruction or removal of healthy tissue. Better precision. Better recovery periods. Better outcomes.

I fully expect that this technology [MasSpec Pen] will revolutionize the field of surgical pathology by streamlining a more accurate and efficient way to detect residual cancer on the "margins" of surgical specimens while the patient is asleep to assure that all cancer is removed or dictate further surgery to remove it during the same operation.

Bryan Burt, M.D., FACS Chief of General Thoracic Surgery Baylor College of Medicine

The revolutionary ability to reassure my surgical judgment so quickly has the potential to be life changing for both me and my patients.

James D. Brooks, M.D. Professor of Surgical Oncology Stanford University School of Medicine

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At MS Pen Technologies, we believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Powered by science and state-of-the-art instrumentation, we are developing simple-to-use diagnostic devices set to revolutionize medical treatments as we know them. With our technology, healthcare providers and hospitals gain access to real-time molecular information at the point of need to guide critical clinical and diagnostic decisions.

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