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Research Grants

Genio Technologies Inc. is delighted to announce the availability of funding to support research that is relevant to the mission of our company and advancement of the MasSpec Pen™ technology. Successful proposals will address important clinical questions or support relevant technology development and application of the MasSpec Pen™ in molecular analysis. Grants will be awarded to researchers at non-profit institutions worldwide. Awards are conferred on a competitive basis by submission of a grant application.

Principal Investigators are encouraged to submit proposals that fall into one or more of the following areas: Disease Diagnosis, Forensics, Food and Plan Analysis, and Pharmaceutical Applications.

Selection Process: Applicants must submit a research proposal (2 pages limit, no format requirements). Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by an internal selection committee. Proposals meeting a predetermined scoring threshold will be invited by the selection committee to a video conference presentation and further discussions. Proposals will be handled in a confidential manner.

Budget: Applicants must submit an itemized budget and justification (2 pages limit, no format requirements). The budget must be specific and include costs associated with materials/supplies, equipment, research staff salaries, and other expenditures such as travel and publication costs. Total costs should not exceed $225K. Please note that no more than 15% of the total budget can be allocated for indirect costs.

All applicants selected to receive a grant are required to submit a mid-year progress report, as well as a final report that details overall results and conclusions from the study.

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